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Bodhi Yoga Studio aims to deliver you an experience where East meets West. With our main teachers having trained in India, yet worked and lived in the busy corporate Western world. We know what is needed to help you to feel balanced and grounded in this ever changing world.

Our commitment is to give you more than just a physical workout in your yoga class.Yoga is a physical practice of course, however balancing and harmonising your body, mind and emotions is a critical part of the whole practice. Each yoga class we focus on three key points – asanas (the actual physical postures), pranayama (your breath) and moving meditation (self-reflection).

Bodhi Yoga studio offers different styles of yoga, each specifically chosen to help your body achieve greater mobility and flexibility. In turn this results in more free flowing energy in your body, helping you feel better and more in control of your life. Yoga will help to ease daily activities and improve your posture.

In a yoga class at Bodhi Yoga our teachers will focus on cultivating awareness, relaxation and concentration, ensuring you walk out of each class feeling great.

Our yoga classes are for the beginner to advanced. Each class helping to bring stillness, calmness and tranquillity to your life.



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