True Strength & Core fundamentals

This is the perfect starting point where we teach you how to focus on building a strong foundation in your yoga practice.

Beginner True Strength & Core Fundamentals

The 4 week course is designed for those with no experience, however if you have a practice already, this series will help you hone and advance your existing skills.


This specialty 4 week series will focus on:

  • Week 1: Scapular & Back body strength
  • Week 2: Arm & Balance strength
  • Week 3: Leg & Lower Strength
  • Week 4: Mobility and movement

Core fundamental strength will be included in each session and workbooks will be given.

Throughout the course you will learn to harness your inner strength whilst keeping your body agile and increasing your mobility.


Start date:

Places are limited and do fill up fast.

You can register here for our upcoming class beginning Tuesday 16th July 2019 ~ 6.45pm.


What to expect:

Yoga is something that is more challenging than many realise and this step by step plan will help you create the the foundations of strength and stability through safe, efficient and effective movements. You will build the basic strength needed to keep up with a challenging yoga class.

The course will teach you to use muscles that you have but don’t know how to use properly. You’ll develop a greater understanding of your body and mind connection and you learn to effectively build basic strength through flexibility and agility and begin building the foundations for more advanced postures.

Beginner True Strength & Core Fundamentals is an essential starting point in your yoga. We use safe and effective practices to help you build good habits to ensure perfect posture and alignment as you progress your practice.

Join Chris in the True Strength & Core Fundamentals. This 4 week course is the perfect starting point for your strength-building journey.



  • Members $65
  • Non-members $95


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