Ignite your fitness regime with a Yoga HIIT sweat session

Starting Monday the 5th August, Bodhi Yoga will be adding six new challenging Yoga HIIT classes to the schedule.

  • Yoga HIIT blends high-intensity interval training with yoga-inspired moves
  • Increase strength, flexibility, endurance and mobility
  • 40 minute sweat and calorie reducing sessions
  • Combine dynamic body weight movements with static stability strength work

Each session mixes intense bursts of exercise with short periods of rest to give your body a head to toe workout. Prepare to leave each class feeling energised and empowered as we include mindful breathing and stretching into this high energy class.

Every area of your body will be targeted in a fast and effective way as you boost your energy and metabolism whilst maximizing muscle strength and improving cardio health.

What’s also great is that the Yoga HIIT classes are all included in our regular memberships. We have so many options to choose from with our memberships starting from as little as $22 per week!

Yoga HIIT will be run in our second studio with some classes running at the same time as our normal schedule. Therefore you have the choice whether you feel like something more intense or if your body is asking for a more classic yoga class. If you’d like to know more about what other classes we have for beginner to advanced students please head to our class description page.

We look forward to seeing you in our high energy and calorie crushing yoga inspired HIIT sessions!

Interested in joining the fun at our Yoga HIIT classes?

Enjoy a 2 week trial or become a member today. More options for different memberships at Bodhi Yoga on our pricing page.

Yoga HIIT Timetable:


  • Tuesday 6.20am and 7.20am
  • Thursday 6.20am and 7.20am


  • Monday 5.30pm
  • Wednesday 5.30pm

To book a class head to our full timetable here.

Bodhi Yoga offers a 2 week intro pass for just $35 so you can trial a Yoga HIIT session and test your strength in our dynamic classes today!

Yoga HIIT classes at Bodhi Yoga

14 day unlimited pass