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I’m Chris, founder and head yoga trainer at Bodhi Yoga Studio Milton, Brisbane. 

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to our Bodhi 21 Sequence. The sequence has been specifically designed for people who sit at a desk or use their smartphones often.  As you are probably aware, these common habits and routines can cause discomfort due to Head Forward Posture (more info on H.F.P. here).

So, with the growing demand to reduce the discomfort caused, we have designed the Bodhi21 Sequence to help you correct this common postural mis-alignment, AND, complimentary you can also download a complimentary yoga class with every posture to suit complete beginners, right through to the regular practitioner.

From experience, practicing this sequence in a yoga studio, with a highly qualified yoga instructor, is a far better way to ensure you’re doing the poses correctly.  And, you will feel the extra motivation the energy of a yoga room will bring you with our friendly, like-minded community where we cater for all levels.  

So, I’ll leave it with you, but if you are keen, we currently have an offer of 14-days of unlimited yoga for just $39 so you can GIVE-IT-A-GO!!!

If you have any questions regarding our sequence or your posture, then feel free to flick me a message



Chris and The Bodhi Team

Bodhi 21

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