This is where you can book a Yoga class or Pilates class at Bodhi! The majority of our classes are also available live online now too.

If the timetable isn’t showing on your device please “enable cookies” and this usually fixes the issue! Otherwise please call us on 3876 4781

Too book or purchase a class you will need need to create a login, you can do easily right here.

If you’ve never done yoga before or are quite new, be sure to check out our next beginners workshop. For Pilates, we recommend our Saturday Beginner Intro class.

We can’t wait to see you at the studio!

Yoga management software

Start your yoga journey today by using our interactive booking calendar to book your first session. If it’s your first time check out our newbies page for more information, we recommend which classes to attend first so you can feel most comfortable to start your yoga journey.

If you are an experienced yogi feel free to participate in any class you wish! Our Vinyasa classes will of course be the most challenging.