This powerful 2-part workshop will help you unlock the immense power of your breath. Through a variety of Pranayama breathing techniques, you’ll learn to regulate and control your life force, your pranayama.

The methods taught assist in unlocking trapped energy, helping you remove what is not needed from your body. You’ll increase your mental clarity, focus, reduce stress and inflammation, improve sports performance, recovery and so much more!

The workshop will also:

  • Strengthen your immune system and expand your lung capacity
  • Increase energy, focus and mental clarity
  • Reduces stress, anxiety and inflammation
  • Improve sports performance and speed up recovery time
  • Help you sleep deeper and feel refreshed and energised

Our mission is to educate, inspire and empower people to live to their true potential. The breath workshop offers tools to break through structures that hold us back from living and expressing our full potential in the world.

What is Pranayama?

Prana translates to life-force, how deep or shallow our breath is, determines our inner power. Finding your Prana and find the balance and quality of life across all aspects.

Yama translates to extension. Extending and enhancing your inner power now and into the future. Find your own inner extension and power through your breath and release what’s not needed.

Your teacher, Chris Williams, has travelled to India (many times) to study from the masters of Pranayama and breathwork. This unique offering of breathwork, meditation and a deeper understanding of the principals being applied, helps us reconnect to our truest self and expand on becoming our best self.

Chris, a 500 hour Yoga, Breath & Meditation Teacher with advanced studies in Pranayama and Kundalini. He works with all ages and abilities, whether it be an athlete, an executive/professional or those looking to optimise their mental and physical health and performance.

Chris works online and in person and can be contacted at with any questions about the event.

Event details:

When: Sat 14th & 21st August ’21

Where: Bodhi Yoga Studio

Cost: $129 (Early bird rate)

How: Register here


We look forward to seeing you on the mat 🙂