We love taking our students through Flowing Vinyasa Yoga to traditional Hatha Yoga. These traditional styles being the cornerstone of Bodhi Yoga. We also heat some of our classes to provide a comfortable 26-28 degree hot yoga (warm, especially in the winter!). We also provide Yin Yoga (aka deep stretch) and a couple of restorative style relax classes.

With so many different types of yoga today, we recommend you take a closer look at the descriptions. That way you’ll find the style that most appeals to you. Please use our abbreviation guide to ensure you choose the yoga classes that will ensure you have the best experience. Any practice marked with (bf) are the perfect yoga classes for beginners, whereas (o) is open to anyone and (i) being for the more intermediate yogi.

You’ll find the schedule at Bodhi to be explorative, challenging and varied. We focus on postural alignment in-conjunction with traditional teachings. Our teachers use creative sequencing to help our students to find peace and tranquility in this ever challenging world.

If you’ve never done yoga before, check out our next beginner’s workshop. We look forward to seeing you on the mat!


Our easy abbreviation guide to find what class suits you best: 

bf: beginner friendly   ~  o: open  ~  i: intermediate


Awaken The Spine (bf/o)

Our Awaken The Spine classes teaches us the basics of a healthy spine. You are connected from head to toe. By learning to use our entire body, with minimal effort, you will awaken stiff joints, ligaments and muscles. Through movement and breath we encourage the body and spine to awaken from stagnant daily positions. By encouraging gentle movement tension will be released. We then begin to Invite mobility and new energy into your spine and life. This class is based on traditional Hatha Yoga movements and involves all facets of the spine. A great class if you are new to yoga.


Flow & Stretch (o) 

We utilise Yin and Yang in this class. The vinyasa flow yoga brings heat and energy to the body, before we settle into the deep stretch (yin yoga). The beginning will be challenging as you move from pose to pose in flowing, sweat producing movements. Then, with your body warm and supple, we gradually begin to work into deeper stretching postures. This class is designed to improve flexibility, strength and open tight areas of the body. This class is open to all levels of skill.

Power Vinyasa Flow (i)

Vinyasa Flow yoga is a challenging practice that focuses on continuous movements. You flow seamlessly from one pose to the next. Commonly known in the west as power yoga, Vinyasa is both inspired and rooted in Ashtanga yoga. The idea of this practice is to link movement to breath. Using this key component will help attain a harmonious balance between the mind and body. A Vinyasa class is dynamic and faster paced in nature, we recommend a basic level of physical strength. You will be sweating, increasing your fitness and cardio endurance in a challenging and powerful atmosphere. This class is the complete opposite to a traditional Hatha Yoga session and is not recommended for beginners.


Classic Hatha Yoga (o/bf)

Hatha yoga is a transformative practice that focuses on one pose at a time with more rest time. This class is the perfect place to work on your alignment and to learn relaxation techniques. This is the perfect class to build confidence in practicing yoga as you build strength and flexibility. During each posture, your objective is to gradually deepen your pose. Your breath is your guide and your most powerful tool in Hatha Yoga. Your teacher will guide you through specific pranayama techniques to help you achieve this. Great class for all to attend. Beginners welcome.


Slow Flow (bf/o)

Our Slow Flow classes are creative and dynamic. By slowing things down it allows you be curious in your practice and really focus on alignment within the poses. Although these classes can be challenging, they also provide you the space and time to really work on your practice both physically and mentally. This class is great for beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners as the slower paced movement allows you to time explore the postures and build confidence and familiarity. If you’re looking for a class to work on the more subtle differences in your body and help to quieten the mind, this is a great class.


Relax (bf/o)

Relax, slow things down and just breathe as you release and rejuvenate in our Relax class. You’ll begin to find harmony and bring balance back into your mind and body. We use soothing, comfortable and tranquil poses that bring a loving kindness to the body. Allow your tension from the week to dissolve in this peaceful, meditative, calming class. A great class if you are new to yoga or are looking for a relaxed, gentle atmosphere and practice. We incorporate simple and relaxing hatha yoga based postures.


Deep Stretch (o/bf)

Traditionally known as Yin Yoga, our Deep Stretch classes provide an opportunity for both meditation as well as physical practice. As postures will be held for longer, flexibility will increase in the fascia and connective tissue (tendons and ligaments). With the aid of your breath your mind will calm, your muscles relax. With the main focus on releasing the tightest parts of the body. This includes; hips, shoulders, hamstrings, lower back and more. You’ll feel relief, more supple and mobile as you release with consistency in your practice.


Prana Deep Dive (o/bf)

Our prana deep dive class is a new addition to the Saturday morning schedule. This class will take you deep within yourself by practicing vibrant vitality driven breath work – Pranayama – with rejuvenating deep stretches – Yin Yoga. If you’ve had a big week at work, in yang yoga classes, in the gym or just want to connect more with yourself and your breath, this is the class for you. It is dedicated to making you feel more peace of mind and joy that already lies within you by bringing much needed awareness from the inside. You’ll leave with a clear mind and that floating feeling, ready to take on the rest of your weekend.


Modified Ashtanga

Follow a sequence of poses from one of the founders of modern day yoga. In this sequence we choose the most accesible asanas skipping the less accessible postures from the Primary series. Fantastic for all levels and being a similar sequence each week, our students enjoy knowing what they are stepping in to do.


Restorative (o/bf)

Once per month, on the first Friday of the month, treat yourself with the practice of internal healing in one of our Restorative Yoga classes. This class will nourishes the body in a deep state of surrender, with all tensions released and minimal to no effort for the student.  This has profound effects on the nervous system allowing the body to return to it’s normal state of ‘rest and rejuvenate’.