Yoga in the workplace

Yoga, known as an ancient practice designed to improve flexibility and reduce stress. This is of course true, but what is not widely known, is it’s also a moving meditation. Through the breath; the mind and body connect, allowing the mind to disconnect from the outside world. Some will disconnect for minutes, others longer, as we work through a class.

This disconnection is critical to the mind as it gives it the chance to relax, to restore and rejuvenate. It allows the participant to forget about the stresses of daily life and/or work. Which is why many report a euphoric experience post class. A yoga practice is more about syncing the mind and body into unison.

Bodhi Yoga owners Chris and Allie are both trained in India, the home and birth place of yoga. They now passionately devote their lives to helping others discover how to live a happier and healthier life. Yoga in the workplace is a program we designed to help new and old students come together, de-stress and bond in a corporate environment

Beginners to advanced

The yoga we teach in the workplace is catered to both beginner and advanced students. With many regressions given to help the not so flexible, mobile or uncertain new students feel right at home.

The yoga benefits really take place as soon as a student begins to move, this allows the body cleanse stagnant areas and re-energise the system. Many people are shallow or stress breathers, this prevents the body from getting enough oxygen. When we fail to breathe deeply, tense and stress enter the body, causing many of us to feel exhausted at the end of a stressed day.

Deep breathing invites mores oxygen into the cells, this slows the heart rate, lowers blood pressure, and improves circulation. Through this process the body produces energy and feel the endorphin rush.

Yoga is also not about being perfect every time. It’s non-judgemental practice, not a perfect practice. Some days the body will better than other days. What is important is to recognise yoga is a tool to connect us to our body and mind connection. A yoga session is more about taking the time to slow down, to breathe and in turn we automatically feel calmer and in a better frame of mind, to tackle anything that comes our way.

What Bodhi Yoga offers

Yoga Classes include: Yoga Poses, Breathing Exercises, Relaxation.

Participant numbers:

  • From 7 to 35 participants per class
    Seminars: As many as you can fit in a seminar style room


Sessions can be arranged before or after work, lunchtime/during work and after work. Let’s find a time that suits your workplace.


Costs start from $120 per 45minute class
If the employees are paying direct, pricing starts at $15 per class per person

Class options:

  • One off workplace or private class, Workshop or Seminar
  • 8-12 week block of classes
  • Ongoing weekly classes
  • You may choose to run 1 – 3 classes per week
  • We can do fortnightly and monthly classes on request (not recommended)
  • We also do Meditation in the workplace too

Moving forward

Download our Corporate Yoga & Meditation – Information Pack today and get in contact with our team.