Vinyasa means ‘flow’. Vinyasa yoga is a practice that focuses on continuous movement between postures. Bodhi Vinyasa yoga classes are designed to improve strength, flexibility and balance. Movement with your breath is a key component in Vinyasa yoga. Linking your movement and breath will help to attain balance in the mind and body. Vinyasa yoga will be sure to get you sweating and will help increase your general fitness and endurance.


Our Vinyasa yoga classes begin with Sun Salutations to warm your body up and begin working on lengthening muscles. The class then moves into a flowing sequence, with movement between each asana. The breath is used for each movement to remain calm and in tune with your body. You’ll then gradually be cooled down before coming to Shavasana (final relaxation).


By having a focus on breath throughout the class you’ll find this is a very meditative class – moving meditation. It will leave you feeling relaxed yet like you’ve had a real workout.


Classes are designed for all levels. View our timetable here.


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