28 Day Yoga in Isolation Challenge

We are excited to announce a “28 Day Yoga In Isolation challenge” to help you stay or get motivated to spend time on your mat.

A Yoga challenge is a super motivating way to step onto your mat, make the time for you, whilst connecting with other like minded yogi’s from around Australia and the globe.

With isolation and the unknown that is engulfing every human, it isn’t an easy time to find stillness in the mind. The constant barrage of chatter is effecting even the strongest of people…

….so we’re putting on this initiative to help you make the time for you, everyday. Even if it’s just 2mins, stepping onto your mat is something you never regret.

The challenge is also simple and free to be a part of (as long as you have a mobile phone!) So come on a journey of self discovery, connect to yourself and the wider yoga community, whilst you put your mental and physical health as a top priority.

Prizes will be awarded too, but the real point of this is to be involved…

‘Fear and stress will fog your vision and intuition. It creates limitations.
So in order to rise above it, we must remove what doesn’t serve us…’


28 Day Challenge Details

We invite you to embark on a journey with us. 28 Days of Yoga in Isolation.

Anyone can join, it’s just one pose a day using the #reflectioninisolation and #bodhiisolationchallenge hashtags. More info on this below…

We encourage an inward journey as our community embraces this current new world. The challenge is designed to help you nourish, then flourish through this period with a sense of clarity and peace of mind. Each week is themed to carry you through this journey, with a list of poses for you to capture yourself in.

The challenge will begin on Tuesday 27th April… Full details below…
So together let’s build our inner resistance and not succumb to the external energy drainage’s of this social/economic crisis.


How do I join the challenge?!

Step 1:
You’ll firstly need an instagram account,
here’s a great tutorial (only 4mins). It explains what Instagram is and provides a step by step setup guide. It’s easy!

Step 2:
Follow @bodhiyogamilton along with our hosts instagram pages: @yoga.cw, @parisdoesyoga, @kstansmore, @megcossar,
@briahnekelly, @yoga.bee, @andreaatkinsonyoga

Step 3:
Share the challenge post on your insta page (you’ll see this post when you follow the hosts/sponsor – it’ll have the exact wording and photograph you need to share)

Don’t want to post yoga photos to your insta?
If you use your instagram for personal reasons and don’t wish to post photos of yourself doing yoga, but wish to be a part of the challenge, simply post the image and then archive the photo. It’s very easy to do and then you don’t have to have your instagram full of yoga poses, but you can still be a part of the challenge.

Step 4:
All you have to do is join us on your mat for a daily yoga ritual and post a photo of yourself in each pose, along with the wording we will send to you. Share your post to your community and ours through the Hashtags and maybe invite family and friends to join you in the challenge. Let’s make this isolation time fun!

Other notes:
1) We recommend using your phone ‘notes’ section to write and store your posts to make it easy for you to copy/paste into instagram.

2) We also recommend using this website to copy/paste your text in, so it properly formats your text for when you put this into instagram. This will make more sense when you start posting.


Overview of the competition

Although it’s not the point of the challenge, we will be rewarding three ‘winners’ for posting a shot of you in the best backdrop over the 28 days. We want you to get creative (if you wish too) and post the most beautiful photos you can. Photos can be inside or outside! For taking photos we recommend using a shoe with sock stuffed in it (or a tripod of course $12 from officeworks) however a shoe work great and use the timer setting on your phone to get into position.The real reason for the challenge is to simply commit with other yogi’s to step onto your mat. However for those that love a good photo and love competition, we thought we’d throw in some good prizes too! Yoga mat, free online live passes and more is up for grabs!

We also encourage you to journal/write your thought daily, and if you feel the desire to do so, post this with your poses 🙂
Week 1 – Our focus is on reflection
> Finding and uncovering your blockages and understanding your overall state.
> What is the current state of your mind
> Where are you at … emotionally, physically, relationships?
> Are there any energy drainage’s around you?
> Are you actively investing your energy into the stresses created by the media as of recently?
> What are your daily affirmations, whether made consciously or unconsciously?
> Naturally the poses selected will help you to clear these blockages 

Poses (in order): Wide legged forward fold, Pigeon, Frog, Upward dog, Camel, Puppy, Low Lunge

**The rest of the poses will be released weekly!

Week 2 – Unraveling The Knots
Having found your blockages, this week we focus on wringing them out and clearing and restoring our energy flow.

Week 3 – Grounding and Connecting to the New Self
Take this week to settle into your cleansed shell and find stillnes with poses that ground and cetre your being.

Week 4 – Flourishing
Embrace your new, vital self and enforce the new habits to continue embodying your desired higher self.



How will this help me?

A yoga practice will allow you to still the mind, the fluctuating thought, to explore the state of your mind and body, If you don’t know where to start, join the bodhi online yoga community for daily classes from the comfort of your sanctuary.

From one perspective, it’s a turbulent time for all of us. However, we all have the power to make the daily decision to rise above… With clarity and stillness of the mind, you have the ability to transcend in this period.

It’s all about perspective and intention of the body, mind and spirit.

You manifest your reality through your daily actions and thoughts, consciously or unconsciously. So if are you feeding this ‘entity’ with fear, stress and anxiety, that is exactly what you can expect to appear in your day to day life.

So join the entire Bodhi Team as together we can embrace this crisis and build inner power and strength as one big family.

We look forward to connecting with you daily. Om 🙂

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